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Jennifer Yeo Consultancy is a dynamic Singapore-based boutique PR agency with the ability to deliver impactful results through powerful publicity campaigns and events.

Our team comprises of a group of experienced, dedicated, meticulous and driven Marketing and Public professionals and veterans with over two decades of experience in Public Relations, Digital Marketing, Corporate Communications and Branding in the competitive F&B, hospitality, lifestyle, beauty, wellness and educational industries.


We have a strong passion for building successful brands and we will go the extra mile to execute your Marketing and Public Relations campaigns and events with precision and focus, resulting in increased brand equity and revenue for your organisation.

With our impressive track record of working with different industries and businesses and a strong network of renowned journalists, influencers and business partners, we will guarantee you the mileage you deserve.

Whether you are in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong or China, our extensive network will reinforce your presence in the media and digital landscape.


Jennifer Yeo

M. A. Mass Comm

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